Work organization

WBS (work breakdown structures)

The entire work has to divide in WBS, according logic criteria that subdivide the civil work in independent and complete yard.

After this primary subdivision, each WBS has to divide in almost two WBS substructures that indentify the various categories of work (site excavation, foundation, elevations for ex.)

QCQ (file quality control)

As the WBS is indentified, QCQ are issued for it.

QCQ collect the entire quality control documentation as quality sheet, tests certificate, obligations certificate and so on …


As built is the final document that, with QCQ, represent the handbook of the work.

It includes all the documentation of the final construction design, updated with any changes during construction.

Control management

PCQ (Plan of Quality Controls)

The PCQ includes all obligations, requirements, documentation, quality sheets needed for realizing a second/third level WBS.

It represents a check list of all the steps necessary to realize the WBS.

Each steps have to completed before to begin another.

PCS (Plan Control Supervision)

Simultaneously with the PCQ, the Direction shall draw up a work plan PCS where all the checks to be performed, regardless of the checks provided for by the contract, according to the criticality of the work phases and reliability of the contractor.

Civil construction site management

SCQ (Quality Control Sheet)

Each work has to register by a SCQ that control the accordance of the work to the contract, technical and law specifications.

In SCQ are also registered all the controls and measurements needed for the accounting.

On field tests

The tests are subdivided in several categories:

  1. acceptance test;
  2. control test;
  3. standards test;
  4. resolving NC test.

Test mentioned above in letter a, b and d may be performed by a site construction laboratory, qualified by the client, while the standards test must be performed by an external accredited laboratory.

Quality indicators

Client can control the application of the QA/QC system by indicators.

One simple and most representative indicator is “index of completeness” that is calculated as the percentage of signs put on SCQ of the various figures (contractor, supervisors, client for ex.)


Material and supplies approval


Each material and supplies must be accepted by the customer by submits a pre-qualification to the construction management.

The contractor, prior to each material delivery or processing, shall submit to the construction management a dossier for approval.

The construction management verifies the accordance of the dossier to the specification of contract, standards and project requirements.


After a positive prequalification, construction management, with contractor, organizes an audit in qualified factory or carry out some checks to the material orders to verify the statements made in the prequalification dossier and to give final approval to the supply of materials or processes.

Materials certified by CE may not are subjected to a factory audit, but only by acceptance tests.


During the supplies of materials or processes, contractor and construction management will audit the factories/suppliers for controlling the maintenance of the quality requirements.

RIR (Report of Inspection on Receipt)

When the material is delivered to site, it must be accepted by a document review and contractor take, with the presence of construction management, some samples to be tested, according quality specifications.

Non conformity management

During the course of the work, all deviations from the project, the work instruction and the specifications of the materials will be identified as non-conformity.

Any non-conformity will be classified by the quality manager contractor and it will be sent to the specific function for the preparation of the proposal of resolution.

The proposal of resolution was approved prior to construction management and subsequently by the customer.

The approval of the proposal of resolution can also be made with a technical note, where the construction management/customer gives prescriptions/recommendations.

The accounting of any parts of the works subject of non-conformity is subject to the resolution of the same.

The construction management may admit a partial payment of a work subject of non-conformity only in the presence of a proposal of resolution approved and doing the necessary account deductions.